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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 26, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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ed by closed captioning services, inc >> i'm greg gutfeld, with eric boling and, bunny slippers made from live bennies, it is dana perino and it is 5 o'clock in new york city. this is "the five." >> so, michael hastings revealed journalists who covered president obama's campaign would behave like giddy school girls around the president. >> the presence of obama on the press corps and people who follow him, when they are near him, lose their mind and be have a in ways that are juvenile and, amateurish and they swoon and, i personally met him in '06 when
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he was a senator and, he was in baghdad and i was a correspondent and i got to ask my question and i said, mr. president, the second time i met you and did i ask the hard ball question, about drones and civil liberties? no. i'm not at liberty to say what i asked about, but it was soft. >> so adorable and we have the most-election confession. and, their guy won and the press wanted to be liked by obama more than respected by yokels like you and me and. what a contrast how they treated bush for the media, g. w. was darth vader and obama the new stepdad who let you smoke pot with him in the garage and, obama must thinks these hacks are a joke, groupies in a mid '70s led zeppelin tour and the media admits the press plane became a clown car of bug eyed bozos, tripping over their
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tongues and prostrated themselves before the prince and, no politician left or right deserves this treatment, aside from abdicating their jobs, you know who the press hurts most, barack obama himself, he does dumb things without being unchecked and no wonder he has hubris, the entire media, except for fnc telling him he is zeus and we should try to get over it but it is hard when the press admits we were right and they were in on it and the media wonders why we won't jump into the hot tub with barak, it is crowded and i don't want to catch anything, frankly from paul krugman. at -- that is what i call you, andrea. >> i like it. >> when the press swoons, america is in trouble, correct? >> they are and i thought it was so strange when he admitted who actually admits it when they got the chance, ask softball questions, he was being honest and the interviewer laughed
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about it and thought it was hilarious and it is actually not funny and we saw it when he fell on his face during the debate performance, to your point being untested and the media created the problem, they gave him the god-like status. "newsweek" made him look like he was angelic on the covers and believed their own hype and the reason they believe he is the supernatural, amazing guy is because they wrote the headlines and now they are swurng with their own nonsense. >> a self-perpetuating machine. did the press abdicate their jobs and should they be impeached? >> no. listen, there are certain people that -- i mean, when i have been around obama he is somewhat intimidating. he doesn't like the press, he made it clear and he's quick to get angry over things, and, you now, another person with the same situation was ronald reagan. ronald reagan got very few hard question, particularly when it
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came to iran contra and i think, it was because the press was intimidated by him. but it is the personality of the person and the vibes he gives off and if you are in a room with obama, i tell you -- >> they can't have him. >> if you are in a room with him you get weak kneed and... >> like me around o'reilly. >> no, not at all. i'm guessing if i'm thish roin with him -- that would never happen, and it happens when candy crowley bails out president obama in a debate, that happens when bob schieffer calls the nra nazis and racist and that happens when mark bashir gives a guy who says, yeah, i had a chance to ask the president hard questions and couldn't do it because he was so cool. >> and speaking of which, before i get to you, dana, speaking of the hard questions, we have a
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collection of the hardest questions we could come across. >> what surprises you the most about the office, enchanted you the most and humbled you the most and troubled you the most. >> not bad to be friends with george clooney, he's a wonderful guy. >> you had a superpower, what would it be. >> president barack obama: i think the whole flying thing is pretty good. >> thank you, mr. president. and congratulations, by the way. >> one columbia... >> president barack obama: when i was running for state senate. >> that's right, i was. >> president barack obama: we go back a ways. >> i have never seen you lose. >> it has to remind you, u.s. have a highlight reel of this -- >> the opposite. but, reporters do talk a big game, in the locker room, and i'm going to ask him, i'm going to say this, when i was the deputy press secretary i used to be the eyes and ears for the press secretary and i would be with the reporters all the time on the press plane and everywhere and listening to them, hearing what they would
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say and one i remember, who he could not stand the way president bush said, and god bless america. it drove him crazy and he'd mock him all the time and i never forgot that. he's a major anchor now and you know who you are... >> does his name rhyme with brian williams? >> does not. >> does his name rhyme... >> i'm not playing that game. president bush linked them and what happened to the reporters in the presence of president obama happened to me. i met him in '06 and sat across the table from him at the gridiron dinner, we laughed for hours and two years later, before the t.a.r.p. vote, i was the last in the room and went to stick out my hand to introduce myself and he said, oh, no, i remember you, dana perino, that was my favorite night in all of washington and i swooned and i said i might vote for him, too. it happens!
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charisma. >> i had a similar experience with the obama impersonator! never met the president. the impersonator was impressive and we had lunch. what am i talking about? "gallup poll," obama turns out, is more polarizing than bush during the fourth -- >> get out! >> hard to believe. there's an average of 86% of democrats and 10% of republicans approve of the job of barack obama as president and 76%-point gap, which joins george bush's as the most polarized year in gallup records. >> it made me feel good when i read it. i thought, you know what? president obama, you can't blame him, the media gives him a pass, he'll take it. he gets testy with them. that is how he operates. they still love him, no matter what. they haven't done their job by the media but you still can't fool the majority of the american electorate when you ask them what he has done and i think oftentimes the left thinks people are naive. they can poll the wool over their eyes, and the poll shows
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you can't and look at this and go, yeah, you know what? he's not that big of a uniter the way he said he was going to be. >> does the polarization tell you you he's achieving what the most hard core segment of his party wants. >> look at -- pew research did a poll on his inaugural address and, virtually every issue that he raised, majority, sometimes big majority of the american people agreed. it is not one of these things where he's so far behind the american people. the pew -- they took it -- >> right. it is like we will never be against letting poor people starve to death and eat cat food. yeah, we agree with that. we agree. >> wait. one other point about polarization, i think, there are other polls out there that thought he did a good job with the second inaugural address but we are getting closer and closer to a parliamentary-type government. both sides have gone way to the extremes. and if you are john boehner and
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can't -- maybe more reasonable than his caucus, and barack obama may be more reasonable than his caucus they can't get them to come together and do any bipartisanship and every year it gets more polar raiizepolarized >> most of the other presidents, clinton and bush going to the center, in the second term and, he is different, he's going far left and, when the view had asked obama what his favorite color was and you think -- dana, when mitt romney, when the press -- he was going to do a press event and we have video, audio tape of the press actually lining up, the questions they were going to attack him with, i'll ask this and you ask that. different press organization lining up to attack mitt romney. just, completely hypocrisy, over the way they treat the right and the left into the thing about
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out poll, truth be told, the media, stay until the blame president bush for the polarization and don't think it is president obama's fault and think it started with president bush. >> if it were a republican the polarization would define the person as an extremist. instead, if you are -- >> defined us. >> your principles. >> but the republicans in the house of representatives are the most polarization of all the caucuses. >> the headlines, they should talk about, you think, hillary clinton, benghazi, the deep divisions in the democratic party. unemployment, all of the things we have talked about and instead, nbc, cbs and abc ran with headlines about the g.o.p. trying to figure out what to do with the tea party, lost in the woods, disoriented and quote bobby jindal, stop being the stupid party and try and cite the republicans that's bullies and disarray and never acknowledge the issues in the democratic party. >> it may be that they should have done benghazi but those stories are accurate.
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whether you like them or not, they -- >> the headlines today? all major news networks? i think there are other headlines. >> stuck at 7.8%, real unemployment much higher and michelle got a new hairdo. what story got more play. >> i disagree with my brother over here. i don't think he has moved that far to the left. >> president obama? >> yes. >> the speech went as far left as you can possibly go. >> you are citing... >> you think he'll do something different in the union. >> i do. >> didn't the media ask jay carney six times this week about beyonce's lip-synching? talk about an issue. >> america wants to know. >> what does it matter, to quote hillary clinton? >> coming up, whoopi goldberg goes wild over hillary's performance at the benghazi hearings, her insightful analysis, in "the five". ♪
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>> welcome back to the five, hillary clinton's testimony about benghazi this week got mixed reviews. but the ladies of the view and especially whoopi goldberg loved it. >> hillary clinton has had a rough couple of months, she hit her head, got a concussion, had a fever and, a lot like barbara! but, she was not playing with those senators when they were talking about benghazi. take a look: >> the fact is we have four dead americans, was it a protest or because a guy is out for a walk one night and decide to kill americans. what difference, at this point, does it make? it is our job to figure out what happened, and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, senator. >> amen! [applause]. >> weird, because if a man called her the b-word that rhymes with witch, especially a republican, they would be boycotted or all of these other
5:17 pm
things, often radio hosts, if they are male are, which is ironic, and whoopi can get away with it. >> but, hillary had the stones to say what difference does it make when you consider while they were locking up this guy, one of the guys from benghazi was planning and executing the algerian attacks. that is why it mattered and only "the view" can portray that appearance as presidential, as if "the view" got any dumber it would be two views. >> hillary clinton, if she heard that would say i've been trying to avoid being a b-word for a long time and i didn't -- >> the woman is tough to -- >> if whoopi said it about me i would take it as a compliment. it was meant as a compliment and whoopi is a comedienne and has the sister thing going on and if i said it, it would not come across right. >> they would think you were insulting -- >> and the thing that gets to me
5:18 pm
about the testimony, when she says, what difference does it make, the question on the point that greg and i think i will put myself in the category, asking who pushed the video. there was a misleading of the american people for several days. whether it was intentional or not, is the question. and that is the difference that it makes, the government, why did they get it wrong and did they get it wrong on purpose and maybe they didn't, but several days led americans believe something happened to four americans... >> if there was a lifetime original movie about the clintons it could be called, "what difference does it make", the blue dress and the intern and if you get $100,000 off a stock deal. but, eric, it seals like anyone who is going to run against her in 2016 will take the words and cut a political ad, we saw a little of the posturing with rubio and rand paul and others, do you think hillary clinton is running and did it hurt her chances. >> not only do i think she's running i put a lot of money saying she was running, especially what will happen at
5:19 pm
the end of the week when hillary clinton will appear with president obama, on a "60 minutes" interview, the first interview that he has ever done with anyone that is not... not only is she running, she'll probably use that as her endorsement from president obama, he will not come out and endorse her directly. but if you are on the sidelines, who will he endorse, hillary clinton or joe biden, it looks like now it will be hillary clinton. >> he said nice things about joe biden this week and he praised him three days ago saying he has been an extraordinary partner and if you are joe biden, bob, are you saying i feel left out, he's doing a "60 minutes" interview with her. did they cut a deal. >> dana went out of her way to avoid giving the name of the guy that didn't like the god bless market. and, it was terry moran, she didn't want to say anything about it at all. so i decided for the sake of fairness and to protect her... >> why that is fair? thanks, bill. >> the definition of being
5:20 pm
beckeled. >> i thought it was important to do it. it was something i thought you held back and you did... >> i was trying to be nice and you, like -- like me not being nice. i was being nice and you ruined the point of me being nice. >> i'm sorry. >> i can to the believe that! >> anyway... >> and, the answer, this is, i don't think she is running, i'll tell you why. this would be the fourth presidential campaign she had been through and nobody ever had to go through that in their life. and, she is just, i think in a position now where she has had a tremendous run as secretary of state and is going out with obama because they'll try and deal with some of the things on benghazi and she has decided. bill may want her to run but she's decided not to. >> i don't think that this hurts her. i talked to a moderate friend of mine and she said, what did you think of hillary at the hearing and she said the republicans
5:21 pm
ganged up on her and she cried and if you remember, the crying works, listen to the video only we found of hillary on wednesday, crying. >> for me, this is not just a matter of policy. it is personal. i stood next to president obama as the marines carried those flag-draped caskets off the plane at andrews. >> sounds familiar, doesn't it? 2008, maybe? >> this is very personal for me. it's not just political. it is not just public. i see what is happening. we have to reverse it. >> she's got a script. >> what is wrong with that? she stood next to caskets and pick on her for a lot of things but not that. >> the point is she cried, and a couple hours later won the new hampshire primary, she's painted as a victim and it works and if she runs which she wants to, i
5:22 pm
don't think we're done with hillary clinton. >> e inference, you are saying she did it for political reasons and i don't believe that for a second. >> the big question is, if she wins the white house it means bill is back in the white house, which means break out the plastic covering for the furniture. >> you are right, bob the clintons -- >> no! >> don't do anything for political reasons, you are right. >> whatever. >> coming up, a romance is brewing between facebook founder mark sdmrzuckerberg and new jer governor chris christie. people are not happy about it and they are trying to break up this odd couple. next on "the five." [ woman ] when you own your own business,
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>> in the break they brought out the -- heart defibrillator things to restart my heart after i was "beckeled" in the previous block. explain what you were trying to do. >> i thought i was doing a good thing and you said in the break, you said, how could you possibly have done that, i like the guy a lot and i give speeches with him and it was one thing that he said and i thought you thought he's a jerk and you think he's a great guy and now you think i'm a jerk. >> and now we'll talk about how intolerant liberals are, mark zuckerberg and his wife will have a fund-raiser for chris christie and the news broke and the democrats were really upset about it as if he doesn't have a right to have a fund-raiser for anyone on the planet let alone a
5:28 pm
month democrat republican from new jersey. and, so the democratic governor's association put out a post on facebook with a link to a petition, stop zuck's christie fund-raiser. i think -- i don't know if anyone in the higher-up, would have seen the idea for the petition, because today the dga pulled it back after embarrassment. he can have a fund-raiser for anybody he wants. >> they looked really stupid when i saw this. but it is a bigger theme of liberal intolerance, they love diversity but not diversity of thought and it is their theme, right? everybody, make way, get out of the way o government, government is coming through, people, conservatives are different. we don't care when people have different ideas and do silly boycotts like with chick-fil-a and republican mayors trying to ban businesses for their points of view and universities are the worst. they are supposed to be the mark place of ideas and i spoke at one school and i'm glad i didn't tell bob what it was and he
5:29 pm
doesn't remember and i will not give them any pr and i left the school after a speech, they put out a statement, the university, apologizing for what i said, and held a seminar with students to talk about their hurt feelings and maybe i would have hurt them -- >> make sure i get this right. all liberals, all liberals are like this and all conservatives, like to see different points of view. is that true on gay marriage, immigration, guns? if anybody is not accepting of somebody else's point of view it is this conservatives. >> it turns out, so the -- there was a poll, that was done, about people and our tolerance levels on social media. and it turns out that a lot of people think they have a diversity of viewpoints on their facebook or twitter pages but eric, liberals were more likely to block people who they disagreed with than conservatives were. >> oh, boy. the liberals on my facebook, and twitter are pretty intolerant. i mean, say one wrong thing and there is -- they are down your
5:30 pm
throat. the first week of the show, i said, there were no terrorist attacks under george bush's watch. on american soil and they went ballistic. and they said, you idiot, 9/11 happened under his bush and i said listen you moronic liberal sobs, i was in the building 1993 and 9/11 and i know about that and i meant since then. point being, liberals clearly more intolerant than republicans. but, can we talk about zuckerberg? >> sure. >> he pledged $200 million to the state of new jersey if they were to reach certain goals on -- for schools. >> education. >> education grants to the state of new jersey and they hit it, $200 million from zuckerberg and $200 million from a matching grant why would liberals not want more of that. >> the reason they pulled it back, they don't want to get him mad. he gives a lot of money to democrats and the stupid thing
5:31 pm
to do is attack him for doing the fundraiser. >> in the old days you'd call up an yell at them. >> we used to put fire things in the garbage... >> do you want to talk about intolerantly liberals, mark zuckerberg or bobby jindal. >> i want to talk about everything. my theory is the left, holds an axe over the right's head or farr their friends hope to right. it is social acceptance, if you want to go to the right parties, new york city and california and want to be accepted, and avoid ridicule, be like us, it is a form of social bullying and america accepted it because we see cool trumps character and liberals are more intolerant because they have a louder megaphone and, people like me are knuckle-dragging hooligans, working to keep families together and i'm a mouth breeter and don't have the benefit of
5:32 pm
latte machines at home. it is no contest. >> the conservatives don't hold over the head of the liberals the idea that you are against -- want gun control, that is the nra, you are a partner in that and gay marriage, you guys are... >> wait. wait. you are confusing two things. you are confusing a debate, a debate with a refusal to have a debate. i can debate anybody over gun control and accept your views. because i think you are wrong, as is said the left can't do that. they think the right is evil. there is no debate from the left, if you are evil. >> and gay marriage, he makes the best case for conservatives to be for gay marriage. you do? >> i don't think, it gets back to opinion, all the left -- i don't think all the left is intolerant. >> i don't think anyone at the table said every, single liberal. >> you say it all the time. >> we are talking about it with facebook, because the governor's association pushed around a private business owner, this is what we see in the government,
5:33 pm
we have an administration run by democrats, tries to tell them what health care to buy and how much taxes they should spend and how much they should keep and are bullying business owners and private citizens and this is a perfect example of that. it is what liberalism is based on. >> you say the -- the number of times you said liberals here. >> who -- i mean... >> wait. >> if you think the nra is not bullying people? you don't think they billy peop-- bully people on guns. >> we can have a discussion on groups, i remember you calling the tea party a group -- >> it is about how people talk about things. that's what we're talking about. a conservative because they are often on the defense, are more interested in debating, like global warming. if we debate that you will call me a flat earther. i wouldn't call you a name. >> you say weather -- climate and weather are unrelated, and they say you are stupid. >> that is what i'm talking about. i'm willing to debate but the
5:34 pm
left is more willing to denigrate and make fun of you. because they believe they are part of the problem. >> i will call you -- i wouldn't call you a warmer -- >> you are the king of name calling when people don't agree with you. >> that's true. but, you have to understand the break through, i'm slightly out numbered and don't consider conservatives to be warm and fuzzy the way you do. >> unlike me. >> how dare you! >> the warmest and if yofuzzies hearted you ever met. >> how one squatter in florida is living mortgage free in the waterfront home, next on "the five." ♪
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♪ hah >> we begin with a fox extreme
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weather alert. i'm arthel neville, a dangerous and icy situation developing across portions of the country today. as we see temperatures in the teens, and some below zero in many areas. a powerful new storm is making its way through the southeast and heading into the plains. forecasters say parts of iowa, wisconsin and illinois could see up to half an inch of ice in some spots, we'll have a complete forecast, at the top of the hour. wisconsin congressman paul ryan rallying conservatives, in a hard hitting speech today. in washington, the 2012 g.o.p. vice presidential nominee saying republicans need to stick together. pick their fights during president obama's second term, and, reject some white house proposals out right. plus, infuse others with conservative principles, now back to "the five", i'll be back at the top of the hour alongside rick folbaum. hope to see you then. ♪
5:40 pm
>> welcome back, everybody. how would you like to own this house, for free? apparently there's a quirky new -- that one, a quirk you new law, in boca raton, squatters apply for ownership of the homes they occupy after a certain period of time. crazy? the guy calls himself loki boy and they walked we with a $2.5 million crib. >> your beach house. >> what do the neighbors have to say. >> most of the neighbors around this area are pretty active in the association. and, they are not happy. nobody is happy. we all spent a lot of money to live on this street. >> it doesn't really bother me, you have to hand it to him. it is a beautiful place, no one else is living in there. >> you say, you know a thing or two about the law. >> it is cool.
5:41 pm
andrea... >> if it is not your house. >> the days of lots of farmers, they did it so that farmers wouldn't ignore their land. they wanted them to till their crops and they wanted them to be able to use it because that he wanted to pay taxes on the land and if it is empty the money different go to the government. >> it is all 50 states and, after 7 years, if you pay the taxes on the property, and you paid liens not the mortgage, you could have the house. >> you are not paying the taxes on it. he's living there. >> no. >> dana, because he didn't break in, no one saw him actually physically break in, he's in there living, a strange law. >> it is strange but what a strange person. who -- who thinks it would be a good idea, i'll live in greg's apartment when he moved out? >> what would want to do that. >> i certainly wouldn't do it when he was there. >> i try so hard...
5:42 pm
>> weird, why he feels entitled to live in someone else's house. >> you make me so sick. you are housist. the successful make their riches on the backs of the poors how is that not my house, too. i deserve the house and bob and i, he can't stop us from going down there, this weekend, and hot tubbing with andre. >> true. true. >> he cannot stop us. why don't we -- >> here's how it works. we're trying to figure out what happens. i know what happens. when you don't pay your taxes, you own a house and don't pay the property taxes, your name and address are put in the newspaper and squatters look for the houses and go and start living there. and they are in there a certain period of time the law says you can't throw them out. >> after 7 years. >> no. >> if it were your house, you are defending the 23-year-old brazilian guy -- by the way, squat in a house in brazil. and the house is owned by bank
5:43 pm
of america and doesn'tt point to a larger problem? boa, they have all the houses in foreclosure they can't seem to sell. >> private property. the occupiers love this stuff. >> i don't know why occupy wall street didn't come up with this. >> that's right. they actually occupied people's homes and didn't want them in there. happened in brooklyn. >> did they have a lien -- >> the family tried to get back in -- >> they had gone to a vacant house... >> you called that bright. living in a $2.5 million house. >> the occupy people. >> we have to go. coming up, colorado has a new problem on its hands after legalizing pot! i told you. how high is too high? when you are behind the wheel? our thoughts next on "the five." ♪ ♪ i just want to give her everything. [ whistles ]
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note ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> back in november, the state of colorado made it legal for anyone over 21 to smoke pot and
5:48 pm
because of that they have a new problem on their hands, how should you deal with people driving stoned? let me just throw in a couple things here. to prove that you have thc in your body, the active drug in marijuana you have to take a blood test and this means if they wanted to pull him in they can't drag him off the side of the road and take a blood test, you have to take him downtown. that's the beginning of the thing and... >> and get a warrant. if you do a blood test you need a warrant. >> you do? it is a complicated problem. i suppose -- first of all, you guess the person is stoned. in my own experience, having been under the influence, driving i don't find you get over -- don't -- you drive slow, real slow, which is against the law, too. >> and, this wasn't in the original bill. if they were going to pass the law that said, okay, it will be allowed that you can smoke pot wherever you want if you are 21,
5:49 pm
why not within the same legislation have something that dealt with this problem, too? now it is sequential rather than consecutive and... law enforcement is in a bad position. >> maybe the people who wrote the bill were... >> we talked about this and when we talked about whether it was right or wrong and i pointed this out, i said what about driving? this will be a problem. don't worry. it will not be a problem. it is' problem and is a upon for people on the street and anyone who has a teenager who is about to drive who now thinks it is okay to get stoned. it is not okay. you are under the influence and may not be under the influence of alcohol but you are of -- >> it is like alcohol, though. >> when we did discuss it nobody said, driving on pot is not a problem. you are misrepresenting the actual debate. if you feel this way, let's get rid of all the blood alcohol level test as well. the next logical step, after
5:50 pm
legalization is establishing a threshold for impairment. this is what you do. >> why do it after? why not at the same time? >> i'm not a scientist. they -- >> you are not a legislator. >> when people started drinking did they establish immediately? >> people have been drinking since the beginning of time. >> before there were cars. did they have drunk horse driving. >> ban it with drinking. right? don't drive drunk, don't drive stoned. >> you can determine drunk driving by a breathalyzer. >> because that's the issue with marijuana. i don't think there's such a thing as being a little bit high. you can have a drink and, slightly buzzed and with pot it is tougher to tell and -- >> make it strict. a low threshold. >> they need to say no smoking and don't smoke and drive, period, end of story. the problem is what if you smell like smoke? they'll see lawsuits of people
5:51 pm
who say i'm the designated driver. >> dana and i -- >> and they were smoking. >> we're looking for you to help us. we want a business, a breathalyzer, instead of -- breathalyzer for marijuana. distinguishes how much thc is in your blood and if you have the technology dana and i will invest in your company. >> that is like trying to figure out how many cigarettes. >> there are prescription drugs for xanax, for example, what about that? >> am boon. >> qualudes. >> they are also driving and could be impaired and if you use the argument with guns we have to ban guns rather than create laws that create illegal use of fire armors. >> there you go. one more thing is up next. ng is. ♪ ♪ as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%.
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>> apologize for that. you know who asks tough question in ed henry asks tough question. >> one more thing, dana was on red eye and this will repeat. tomorrow night at 11:00. you have to watch this. dana discussing her past jobs.
5:56 pm
>> remember when you used to -- now you are watching cat videos and commenting. used to be one of those powerful people. what happened? what happen, you realize we're on at 3:00 in the morning. >> i pray he's not watching. >> that will be on tomorrow night, saturday, at 11:00 p.m., eastern, check it out. it is a great show to watch, and you are knicnext. >> and another person on the five, eric boling, cashing in, 11:30 m a, debuts tomorrow, eric, why should people tune? >> so cool, really appreciate that tomorrow, cashin' in and, it is -- what we'll talk about is how we're working hard and paying our tax and the only one cashing in they're law mare the
5:57 pm
d.c. >> on this network, any time, any show, go into it, you will be on it. >> dana, thank you very much. >> congratulations. congratulations. that is awesome. 11:30 a.m we'll be there, don't worry. >> who is up? >> andrea -- eric. >> i'll do it. quickly, check this out, hilarious, jimmie kimmel, watch: >> welcome, tonight's episode of jimmie kimmel suckses. because, tonight sheryl crow is my band leader! [cheers and applause]. >> let me ask you something, have you ever had nicole kidman on your show? >> no. >> that is too bad. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> actually he hosted the whole show and jimmie kimmel was died up in the back. one of the funniest talk shows and, sheryl crow looked great. she doesn't age at all. >> he does do late night talks,
5:58 pm
"red eye". >> he was being sarcastic. >> we're lucky to have you. >> geez, what are you doing later? >> let's all get stoned together and take a drive? >> andrea's turn. >> go ahead, bob. >> no, please, go ahead. >> no, really, go. >> go! >> let's -- fine. >> put it up. >> fine, i don't have that much love for you, i'll go first. imagine this, a waiter at a restaurant and overhear one of your tables saying, negative things about a special needs boy that is also in your section. well, michael garcia, a waiter at a restaurant in houston, called lorenzo's steakhouse, listen to him describe what happened: >> i didn't think much of it until i heard them say, special needs children need to be special somewhere else. and it was disturbing and, my personal feelings took over and i told him and i said, i'm
5:59 pm
sorry, sir, i can't serve you. >> you go and there is a five-year-old little boy, that that jerk customer said should be sitting somewhere else. special people and you know where that guy should be sitting? i'm glad i wasn't the server. i would have served him and done something bad to their dinner. >> spitting out and throw it at them! >> a scene from "the help" i presume. >> bob? >> the second in command of al qaeda, in the arabian peninsula was killed, and that is ac meade al-shaffri and he escaped from custody in saudi arabia and, he's now dead and, good riddance. >> yep. >> we're number one -- the number one sign he was making. no more. >> that is where he went. >> you have a... >> there will be no -- >> you have done your thing? >> yes. >> you talk about your own show. >> because it will be on at


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